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Weekend Directional Sign Services

"Directional Signs, Exceptional Service"

Weekend Directional Service has been in the directional sign industry since 1978. For over 25 years, the nations most esteemed homebuilders have relied on our expertise in designing quality, high-impact roadside directional signs to aid the flow of buyer traffic into new home communities and increase sales.

We are the best in the business. Our professinal staff of expert designers, printers, production assistants, operations supervisors, field managers, and installers, combine to form a solid and reliable organization that guarantees quality products and exceptional service for all of your sign necessities.

"Proper planning prevents poor performance." After 25 years of trial and error we have developed a system which insures near perfect placement of weekend directional signs

With our 4 key system we eliminate problems before they occur.

Key 1: Sign Design

Sign design is important part of our process. Sign design is used to gain attention and prestige for your company. A full colored sign is better to visualize and attracts more attention. The sign does not only represent the community, but also the sign represents your company. We want the sign to convey the proper message to attract your target market. The signs can also show a product advantage or create urgency. With precision drilling each sign we make is easy to allow for quick creative marketing.

Key 2: Sign Construction

Sign construction is what we use to make the life of the sign last. We use the most durable weather resistant products to keep your signs looking the best. Corregated plastic 4mm thick that is water and weather proof, Corogloss a high screen ink with excellent weather durability and a premium polymeric calendared vinyl for our pressure sensitive die cut arrows all contribute into making our signs the very best. Our Kangaroo PocketĀ® lifts the sign higher than the competition and never defaces the front of the sign. The Kangaroo PocketĀ® uses specifically designed hot glue from 3M that adheres to both surfaces, as a permanent bond.

Key 3: The Maps

We believe that the map is an important part of our business and that our mapping system is the best. Our mapping process is time consuming, but the result makes for outstanding service. We make four initial maps in our process, and distribute the final maps to all parties involved.

Map 1: A 22”x34” full color map of the community, target location and surrounding area, laminated and kept on file in our main office.

Map 2: A "D" sized photocopy of map #1 highlighted with a pink highlighter with the proposed route for the best possible increase and flow of traffic according to our managers.

Map 3: A Copy of Map #2 sent to your representatives along with a Weekend Directional Signs yellow highlighter for any changes or proposals from your staff.

Map 4: The final map, based on the returned Map #3, this map will again be photocopied and distributed to all placers, managers and sales offices involved, as well as kept on file in our main office

Key 4: Service

The intangible and therefore the most difficult. Key to service is "hard work". We spend a vast amount of time searching for the perfect candidate to place your weekend directional signs. Each new community is driven several times to prevent gaps.

Our managers place the original posts in the ground. We have a staff of middle managers, which constantly scrutinize each placement. We diligently supervise our own managers, which accounts for our superior sign service.

Each community has its own inherent problem to be resolved. If problems do exist our managers react to minimize any downtime. Our services are 24 hours a day and we have an 800 number. Contact us at 800.494.4954